"Stay True"~ The worst thing Brett ever said

Brett Phipps served as an employee at until mid-2015, where he became noticeably absent from the site and channel. He is well known for popularising the phrases "Phipped it" (fucked it) and "Stay True" (keep going). He was coincidentally identical to Auld Da's son, Brett McGleish. One of these two characters died after being shot repeatedly by Steve Burns in a "Reasons Why" video on Star Wars Battlefront. Due to their identical nature, it was unknown at the time which died and which survived, however we do know this- if it wasn't Steve Burns that killed Brett Phipps, it was his impeccable sense of fashion.

​Second RegenerationEdit

After the death of his first body, Brett regenerated into his second form of Oscar Dayus, travelled back into the Journalism Wars using the Rock Band Time Machine, and masqueraded as an intern until VideoGamer Sans Frontières assaulted Burns, Jim and Miller at VideoGamer Towers. This was the first time that Oscar was recognised as Brett by Dave and Tom, however they later had no recollection of Oscar's true identity after Miller destroyed the room with a C4. 

It is unknown what happened to Brett after his internship was over at VideoGamer, however some sources say he has worked for rival company PocketGamer.