"If you swap the 'f' and 't' in 'Fallout', you get 'Tallouf'"~ An unbelievable fact from Cranst himself.

Brian Cranst is a German indie game developer extraordinaire, 'worldwide pinup' and all around industry maestro with a lustrous head of hair. His hit titles include Tera Tech, Daughter of Fate and Hinged Havoc, as well as many more, although some critics claim he never actually makes his games, but rather merely thinks up titles.

Cranst is renowned as one of the smartest men in gaming, revealing all sorts of fascinating facts in his weekly documentary series, as recognised by The Guardian's Keith Stuart, who was so impressed with Cranst's work that he interviewed him at their London offices. Cranst is also known for his intense rivalry with developer Peter Twåt, who lacks the creative capacity to understand his offbeat genius. He is currently suing Christmas, for use of his likeness and stealing the idea of Christmas from Cranstmas, an idea he developed between indie game projects.

On the last day of Cranstmas 2015, Cranst announced a special offer: buy 3 of his famous indie games and get The Snowman's Desire: Wet Dreams absolutely free. A great bargain from Cranst himself. This was Cranst's parting gift before announcing that Daughter of Fate was officially in development, and a playable build would be available by the end of Q1 2016. Cranst then literally disappeared with his swivel chair. There is no current knowledge of his whereabouts.

Cranst seemingly phased into existence to give Daughter of Fate a 10/10 in the 'Every Game In 2016 Reviewed' video, before once again disappearing. This has caused many to question the very nature of his existence, of his humanity, with other concerns being raised about the quantum stability of the VGCU.