"Oh, Jim, I'm well horny mate"~David Scammell's first words as a child.

David Scammell is a lovely, happy man and longstanding employee and the news editor at, who has a penchant for yogurts, rusks and being well horny. He has gained praise around the world for being such a smiley, positive young man. His hatred for dog shit framerate has been well documented and makes Detective Neil Gaf relieved that he's not a reviewer. Can often be found fiddling his diddle in the VideoGamer kitchen and whatever you do, do not look in his draw.

Some of Dave's old exploits include, as a child, creating the first ever Let's Play of Sonic The Hedgehog and eating some pasta that made him feel sick at E3. As well as this, David Scammell is the poster boy and a preorder bonus for VideoGamer Innovation ScoreAwayTabs.

Also, he is definitely 20 years old.

However, after Millbob and JimminyJimJim's arrival into our dimension through the Rock Band Time Machine, Dave's personality has seemingly split into two:  

  1. Randomly inserting himself into important situations eating a yogurt.
  2. Donning a onesie and playing with Millbob, becoming our dimension's version of Scammell Jammell, replacing the one left without his best friends in the alternate dimension

Dave eating a yogurtEdit

Debate remains fierce as to where the Scammell Jammell ends and Dave with a yogurt begins, but the most logical explanation

Dave eating a yogurt, presumably strawberry

seems to be that Dave eating a yogurt is the Dave seen in Miller Report episodes working at Videogamer and fighting in the VG/VSF conflict, however his experiences of war seem to have traumatised him and put him into a near vegetative state stimulated only by yogurt. This is born out by the fact he appears to be comletely mute and has the cold, dead eye's of a man who has seen too much. Currently the last recorded appearance of Yogurt Dave was fleeing from VG Towers in fear of being haunted by Miller's ghost.

Scammell Jammell rebornEdit

Nobody knows why Dave suddenly made the decision to take up the mantle of Scammell Jammell, but doing so has diminished his reputation irreparably, taking a pay slash to literally peanuts. Some speculate that this was a form of escapism from reality following the horrors of war, but it could just be that he's an easily influenced idiot

There is furious debate amongst fans whether this version of Scammell Jammell is canon within the VGCU, as they believe that the original Scammell Jammell was pulled into our dimension not long after Millbob and JimminyJimJim. This sequence of events is not considered canon to this wiki, because it would actually make some sense.