Jimminy Jim Jim McGleish (born Jimminy Fenton-Smythe McGleish) is one half of the popular YouTube duo, Millbob & Jimminy Jim Jim. Brother to Tam and John McGleish and son of Detective Inspector Richard McGleish, very little being known about him except for what he LAAAHVES!!!


  • Playing games!!
  • Destiny - The Taken King!!
  • VideoGamerTV's Top 10 Best Games of All-Time Ever!!
  • Metal Gear Solid V!!
  • Shooting the guns in Metal Gear Solid V!!
  • Playing his PS4!!
  • The WiiU!!
  • Xbox One!!
  • Unboxing stuff on YouTube!!
  • World of Warships!!
  • Boats!
  • Those orange things(!)
  • Big days out!
  • Sexual intercourse!!!
  • Star Wars: Battlefront!
  • The Rebel Alliance!
  • Headphones!
  • Audio!!!
  • PC gaming!!
  • Age of Empires!!!!