Matt Lees is a video producer of an unknown species for, creating the "Abriged" series of videos as well as creating a video diary of his time with Nintendo 3DS game "Animal Crossing: New Leaf". In early 2014, Lees marathoned a number of Taggart box sets which caused him to regenerate every cell in his body in front of Bratterz, in turn changing his entire appearance and personality, calling himself Jamie "Jim" Trinca. It is thought that the spirit of Matt's first incarnation lives on inside a cool ghost.

First RegenerationEdit


  • Undying love of Don Mattrick
  • Strong addiction to Animal Crossing
  • Enjoys singing about video games to well known pop music
  • Brief affair with a PS4
  • Very disappointed with Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • Nose
  • Likes Twixes
  • Preposterous hair

Second Regeneration aka Jim Trinca (Vanilla)Edit


  • Eats square sausages
  • Strong fixation with "yir da"
  • Boinks in the pooper
  • Wanks wee dugs
  • Plays many RPGs
  • Thinks Babylon 5 is good
  • Intae the boaby
  • Scot
  • Sells Hot Piss (Usually priced around £5)