"I've got a pencil right here, and I care so little about it, I can do this! *snaps P.Encil in half*"

~ Simon 'Vamiller' Miller (Vanilla)

Life and Death of Miller's Pencil a.ka Penfold EncilEdit

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 13.44.58

The most recent photograph of Mr Encil, taken seconds before his death

It is unknown when exactly Penfold Encil was first created, but judging by his size, this poor little guy couldn't have been much older than 8 months. Those close to Mr Encil describe him as "a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak and 'unforgiving world" with many noting that his contribution to the world at large "cannot be overstated, he was the point about which this universe moved...and now he's gone". 

On the 7th of January 2016, Mr P Encil was brutally murdered by one Simon Miller. The callous and shocking event was even recorded and uploaded to YouTube for all to see. At this time it is understood that Mr Miller carried out this attack to make a point about the subjectivity of monetary value caused by #brand power, but it is still unclear why he chose such a beloved figure for such a brutal display.

Potential for Resurrection Edit

As was established in the El Millero arc of The Miller Report, death is not necessarily permanent in the VGCU. As the method by which Simon Miller of The Miller Report was able to return from the dead has not yet been revealed, this is all purely speculative, but the possibility remains that Penfold Encil could make a return to our screens in some form another.