Born Tamworth McGleish, the son of Detective Inspector Richard McGleish. 'Tam' was originally a polis officer from Glasgae who was later transferred to the Met in March 2014. Due to him being on the no-fly list, Tam had to surf on the back of a DC-10 bound for London to avoid the Nights Watch.

Tam brought the Cinematic Universe into existence during his first month at VideoGamer when he attempted to 'take' Simon Miller (failed), followed by an attempt on Jim Trinca (refused due to fictionality) and Chris Bratt (escaped).


He has two brothers John and Jimminy Jim Jim, as well as two nephews Brett and Chris (both deceased) and a niece Alice. He also has a cousin Cecil, who he denies any knowledge of. If he catches you pumping wee dugs he'll give you a Hurricanrana off the top rope.