Background Edit

Mr Hussain is one The Five: a powerful enclave of cosmic beings who have taken human form and dedicated themselves to various realms of the Western World. Tamoor is known by scholars as "The Master of Comics", the following is an excerpt from an ancient tome written about The Five.

"A perfect physical construction, with unabridged knowledge of all comic books and related subjects. It is also rumoured that he has developed an elaborate underground network of transport tunnels that can reach all corners of reality. The service is *allegedly* run by legions of enslaved arachnids."

Gamespot Edit

Having handed over control of the Spider Tunnels to his second in command, Thadeus J. Spider, Tamoor infiltrated the ranks of Gamespot: a key player in the Journalism Wars. It is unknown at this time if Tamoor survived the war, but given that he is a being directly created by the forces that gave birth to our universe, this is highly likely.